The FullDome Reality Planetarium system uses a computer controlled projector to show a beautiful and accurate depiction of the night sky.

The simulation of meteors and rendition of the Milky Way across the sky creates a visual experience second only to viewing these awesome spectacles from the darkest skies.

The positioning of the Planets and the Moon with its phase can be easily set for any date and location.  Zooming into the planets and famous star clusters, nebulae and distant galaxies is just a click away.

To enhance the starry night planetarium presentation the additional use of movie clips can be added to include Lunar phases, Seasons, Eclipses, formation of the Moon and Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion. The animations demonstrate in an understandable and simple manner these difficult to describe concepts.

The transition from night sky to the animations and back to the night sky is easy and almost seamless making a smooth and professional presentation. Various Astronomy, Space Exploration and Earth Science films can form a follow up to any planetarium presentation at the click of a button.


The computer is supplied pre-loaded with the planetarium software Stellarium and ShiraPlayer with a perpetual license to use ‘Record Manager’ and ‘Flat Video Presentations’. Also included is an EXCLUSIVE one year technical support and consultancy from the team that developed ShiraPlayer, Sureyya Soft.

The main features of Stellarium and ShiraPlayer are:

  • Realistic and beautiful display of the night sky.
  • Adjustable observer date/time and location.
  • Zoom in and out capability on located astronomical objects.
  • Adjustment of star magnitudes and Milky Way brightness.
  • Celestial grid projections.
  • Unique split screen window allowing the operator to preview the display before the audience does.
  • Smooth playback of FullDome movie content ‘on the fly’.
  • Gradual fade in and out of display including constellation art and movie content.
  • Record Manager.  The operator can record the projector display as a movie allowing repeat performances with minimum operator keyboard input.
  • Flat Presentation.  Allows multiple non-warped still images and video to be displayed FullDome.  Content is warped ‘on the fly’ and allows infinite control of size, position and rotation of each image and video in real time.

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The FullDome Reality system is fully mobile making good use of minimal space and is easily operated by one person.  The lightweight stand and the quiet inflation fan all complete this unrivalled product.

FullDome Reality systems are fully guaranteed and by special arrangement on site training can be arranged.

Below is an unaltered Time Lapse of the Starry Projection from Winter Sunrise to Sunset.