September 2014

The production ‘The Trench’ is now complete and the first public showing will be at the British Association of Planetaria conference at ThinkTank, Birmingham 19th of September. We are very excited and pleased with the finished result. Not only is the production informative but it is also very moving. We hope to be able to post not only the entire film on YouTube but also an HD copy of the trailer within the next few weeks. The film and transcript will be available for purchase by digital mobile planetarium operators by the end of September. The cost is not as yet fixed but hopefully will be less than £1500.00 (GBP).

We wish to thank all concerned with ‘The Trench’ not only in the United Kingdom (at the time of writing) but also in Belgium, France and Germany.

FDR have recently installed the latest planetarium software from Sureyyasoft Planetarium Technologies – ShiraPlayer This represents a ‘step-up’ from the original Shiraplayer as the new software has a very user friendly operators panel. Following discussions with Sureyyasoft, we are delighted to offer this new software with license to our customers with a year of technical support.

Please contact us for further details on any of the above.