January 2015

IMG_0865 amended IMG_0921 amendedFirstly, Happy New Year!

FDR attended the three day event of the Association for Science Education at Reading University.  A great deal of interest was shown in our system using the latest feature of Shiraplayer – Fly-by Planets.  Attendees were also impressed to learn that using the FDR system it is possible to film ‘real world’ content for playback in the FullDome.  We will be very busy for the rest of the month following up on leads and our net-working contacts that we have made.  We have discovered that new opportunities exist for funding the purchase of a FDR system, would be purchasers should ask us for details and advice for grant proposal writing to secure financial assistance. Due to the importance of this topic we will be developing a page on this website soon.

During the conference we were very impressed by the 3D display booths and hope to continue research and development with our new friends and colleagues.