FullDome Cinema

The FullDome Reality system is an immersive cinema experience where the audience is surrounded by moving images within a mobile planetarium. Digital images are warped by software, projected and then reflected via mirrors into the inside of a semi-spherical dome. Films either computer generated or photographed with a Fisheye lens are projected onto the internal surface of the dome via a Newtonian double mirror system. Exciting Astronomy presentations can also be performed and with a click of a button the starry night sky can be replaced with dramatic still or moving images.

The FullDome Reality system is available as a complete ‘ready to go’ package.  In addition to equipment, we offer ‘off the shelf’ films produced by innovative (CGI) film makers. We are distributors for the immersive FullDome film makers of Albedo Fulldome and Mirage3D.

For further information please see http://www.albedo-fulldome.com/drupal/en
and http://www.mirage3d.nl/

Additionally we offer our own in-house bespoke FullDome film production of the real world.

Inflatable Mobile Domes can be purchased in any size to suit your requirements.   The seated audience of up to 45 people (7 metre dome) can enjoy this unique environment.  The content is infinitely variable and whether you wish to advertise, educate or entertain, FullDome Reality brings to life ideas and communicates messages to the audience in a unique and exciting new way. It will enhance the experience of visitors to any attraction or museum.  For educationalists, FullDome Reality can stimulate the learning experience of students.  For marketing and exhibitions, the revolutionary system is an opportunity to demonstrate and sell products in an exciting and unique way.


The ‘Walk Through Experience’

The Walk Through Experience afforded by FullDome Reality can take the public into restricted areas or inside large-scale museum artifacts that Health and Safety and security concerns would normally forbid.  Films can be made to suit your needs for playback inside the dome. Audiences will enjoy the virtual experience of visiting these environments in complete safety.



Ready made off the shelf ‘Edutainment’ films made by the worlds leading CGI animators and the Stellarium planetarium software combined with ShiraPlayer can be used to give informative and exciting Astronomy  presentations.

The FullDome Reality system is fully mobile making good use of minimal space and is easily operated by one person.  The lightweight stand and the quiet inflation fan all complete this unrivaled product.

FullDome Reality systems are fully guaranteed and by special arrangement on site training can be arranged.