Film Production

We offer in-house FullDome Movie production of the real world.  Any environment that the camera can film in can then be replayed within the FullDome. Our production team can handle, story boarding in  consultation with customers, on location filming and final rendering for playback with the ShiraPlayer system.

Walk Through Experience

We have developed a concept which we call the ‘Walk Through’ experience.  This allows the playback of Full Dome content of an environment that for Health and Safety reasons the public are normally excluded from.

Whether it is the inside of a static aircraft or disused tin mine, once filmed, that environment can be played back inside the dome and the audience will feel they have really experienced that difficult to  access area.

Our production film costs are surprisingly cost effective.

Historical Anniversaries

We can produce films to commemorate a special event.

Holiday attractions, Exhibition promotions, Shopping Centres

Advertise to your customers what you have to offer.

Highlight places to visit in your area in an exciting new media. Show what the shops in your centre have to offer. Have bespoke educational films made to stimulate further interest in your attraction.

Schools and Universities

The versatile FullDome Reality system is a Planetarium system that can simulate the night sky.  Clips can be purchased to illustrate important astronomical events eg. Phases of the moon, pre made films can also be purchased from a wide selection of Astronomy based subjects and other scientific studies. It is an Immersive Cinema, a Creative Workshop for your media department and much more. Special events can be remembered in FullDome Reality and played back to the students.