The FullDome Reality system comes as a ‘Turn Key’ package that consists of an Inflatable Dome, Newtonian Mirror Box and Stand, Inflation Fan, Computer, Projector, Sound System and CGI movies of your choice.

Newtonian Mirror Box and Stand.

The light weight but robust Newtonian Mirror Box is of our design and is bespoke manufactured by craftsmen.  It allows for any future up-grades of the video projector.  The adjustable mirrors allow for standard horizons as seen with astronomical planetarium work as well as dipped horizons for FullDome movie presentations. The Newtonian Mirror Box is attached to a projector stand that also holds the operating computer.  Excluding the weight of the projector the Newtonian Mirror Box and stand weighs approximately 15 kg.

Our light weight but hard wearing mirrors are sourced in Europe and are far more economical than imports from the other side of the world.


Innovative video projectors are constantly being introduced and FullDome Reality review the latest offering so we can recommend the best machine that affords quality and economy.  At this time we are recommending projectors from the HD Epsom range  as it fulfils the important criterion that FullDome systems require.  At the time of writing (June 2013) the projector is supplied with a five year warranty.



The projector is driven by a Lap Top computer that not only holds the movie content but also allows warping of the fisheye image ‘on the fly’. Other requested CGI movies can be pre-loaded onto the Lap Top.  All pre-loaded software is tested allowing the user to quickly become familiar with operating the system.

Sound System

In much the same way that video projectors are constantly being introduced, FullDome Reality review the latest offering in PC speaker systems that affords quality, economy and compactness.  At this time we are recommending the M-Audio Studiophile Av 40 Speakers.  These powerful speakers develop a dynamic range of sound without the need to use a supplementary bulky and heavy bass driver unit.


Inflatable Domes

We are authorised dealers for Avela who are suppliers of the Go-Dome.  These famous and hardy domes are known for their smooth inner surfaces that are perfect for projection.  Entry is via a double air lock system that reduces air loss and light ingress.  Domes are available from 4 metres up to 9 metres in diameter.

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FullDome Reality systems are supplied with bespoke fans depending upon the size of Go-Dome that is ordered.  These fans are a significant improvement upon the conventional and noisy carpet blowers that are often used.  To further reduce the unwanted noise, fans are supplied with Speed Controllers that allow accurate balancing of inflation. The fans are supplied on wheels, grab handles and safety grills.  We believe our fans to be the quietest on the market. The Type 54 Fan is suitable for 6 metre domes and larger, is on the left of the illustration below. The Type 25 Fan suitable for 5 metre domes is on the right.