Welcome to FullDome Reality

AdvertThe FullDome Reality system is an affordable ‘state of the art’ digital Mobile Planetarium and an immersive Cinema. A beautiful and accurate depiction of the night sky can be complimented with stunning immersive films to make the FullDome Reality system an indispensable teaching aid. Additionally, any environment captured by a camera can be played back inside the FDR Planetarium allowing the communication of your message to the audience in a unique, affordable and stimulating new medium.

With a seated capacity ranging from twenty to fifty, the audiences are surrounded by images that cover the internal surface of the semi-spherical dome. Seated at the edge of the Planetarium, a double mirror optical device relays the output of a high definition HD projector mapping the ceiling with moving images of vibrant colour and detail.

Exciting Planetarium presentations can be performed using Stellarium based ShiraPlayer with the addition of computer generated films created by innovative film makers.